About Us

We started CutOff to cut the fashion barriers between a boy and a man. Age is just a number, being mature is a choice. Maturity is a state of mind. As you grow, people look at you differently. You want to look your best so you don’t get underrated by people around you. 

We agreed, fashion is a statement. At any time, anywhere, we’re required to look great as if we’re going to meet a new person or other important people, even in casual moments. That’s why you need a style that represents who you are.

In order to give you the comfy and stylish look with simple yet essential clothings, we make sure that CutOff is always made through a high standard of production. Wearing CutOff products means you are using clothes that are made through perfection in every detail.  We pay a lot of attention to make sure we provide the best material, precise cutting, and fitted size to give you the best fit to boost your confidence. So, you can feel optimistic and always have good expectations of all things in your daily life.

CutOff believes that no detail is too small, everything starts from a simple thing to become something big. It's simple clothing for a big purpose: to help you look good, feel confident, and comfortable wherever life takes you. And that’s CutOff as your Life Daily Wear.